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My Story

I have always loved to cook for a crowd. The more the merrier. What can I say, I am passionate about good food. Personally, I prefer to cook and bake while listening to classic country music, heck, sometimes just old Christmas music. Southern comfort food and songs about "hard work" and "old flames" go hand in hand. 

While I have always been passionate about using high quality foods to cook tasty meals. In 2015, I decided to start documenting my culinary journey and sharing advice and my best kept secrets with others. Today I am still just as passionate about cooking tasty meals and dessert, but I am more passionate about finding good food sources and buying locally.

My loyal followers value Ole South Farm Kitchen as a place to find not only every day but exceptional seasonal recipes and tips on how to make wholesome and real food that their families will love.
It's important to me is that my followers believe in themselves, their abilities and the "why" or "who" they are cooking for. With a bit of dedication, anyone can make top-notch cuisine. Take a look around the site and see what inspires you to get cooking.

Kim is the owner of Ole South Farm Kitchen
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